Monday, December 17, 2007

Cheetah found at MousePad...

Black Pearl
08-12-2005, 11:30 AM

Okay, some I forgot:
My beloved Atari 2600 - (may it rest in pieces)
Wacky Packs - Those baseball card like packs that parodied everyday household items.
Green Machine - Kind of like a Big Wheel, but faster and more apt to flip over in the street.
Cheetah - It was kind of like a Big Wheel, but it had long forks and a skinny little tire in the front....Very fast, if I recall correctly.
Mattel Hand Held Football - I must have ran a hundred thousand yards with those little red blips.
Stompers - Little, battery powered 4X4's.
Jaws Game - Kind of like operation except for the fact that you had Jaws snapping his grill at you when you messed up, instead of a buzzing board.
Rubiks Cube - Lets be honest. How many of us either peeled the stickers off or just completely took it apart?
Nerf Footballs - My first broken bone was my pinkie, off of a dead on catch of one of those.
Lite Brite - My daughters got one of them too, they haven't changed at all.

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