Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cheetah plans and close-up photographs

Some time ago I received an email indicating an individual had a set of schematic/shop plans for the Cheetah. If you have a set of these as well as any close-up photographs, please email me ( and I'll post them.

Several folks have expressed interest in trying to build something like the Cheetah for their kids, so resources like schematic/shop plans and close-up photographs would be an excellent resource. The ratcheting pump chain drive in particular seemed fairly uncommon and information on that would be helpful.

Also - remember to include your email address on posts if you want correspondence from folks looking at this W3log.



Shaun said...

This was the best toy I can remember having. even better than the Green Machine.

Shaun said...

I had one of these when I was about 5. (32 years ago) I still remember it as the best toy I've ever had.

johnnymonstrous said...

I had one in 1975 - just took it home from my dad's 2 weeks ago - my baby one year old boy thinks it is his's awesome...I will take some photos and send them...John from CT.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE John send anything you can!!!

If I manage to build one, I will send you replacement tires !!!

- Joe Cox
Lewisville, TX

Paul said...

I have an exploded view which was in the manual. Such an amazing thing there is just this one thing which redeems my father's habit of keeping every shred of paper my life ever generated.

I emailed the blogger here, but he hasn't gotten back to me. I still get no spam to my personal email account because I never post it to such things, but if anyone wishes a copy of the manual with "exploded" drive assembly, post your interest here, poke the moderator and praise my crazy, late, father!


Lobar said...

Paul, I am one such guy posting his interest here - if you have a view of the exploded drive, PLEASE let me see them. - Joe
Skaldern at Yahoo dot com
And PRAISE to your late father, and I am sorry for your loss.

Lobar said...

Anyone ever get pics of the drive mechanism?
- Joe
Skaldern @ Yahoo . com

Paul K said...

I am trying to reproduce the cheetah for my grandkids ... my son was an absolute terror on one of these. please if the "exploded view" or the drive mechanism is available I would love to be included in viewing it. I'll be glad to share my findings as well. Anyone with one they would be willing to part with for a price please e-mail me. Thanks Paul

Anonymous said...

I wish this ride on toy was released again like Chevrolet did with its Camaro and Dodge with the Challenger. There should be out there a toy manufacturer interested in this toy for a come back. I want one for my child. I had one when I was 8 years old, now I am 43.