Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cheetah patents?

For those of y'all blessed to have one, please post any patent numbers that you can find on your Cheetah! I am guessing that at least the chain drive was patented. Those wanting to attempt building a remake could use the patent information as a guide.



Anonymous said...

You have read my mind, friend !!!
- Joe Cox Skaldern@Yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

i had 1 and replaced the f tire w a rear wheeel of a tricycle & it steered better. i used to jump that thing off a hill in the back yard. i must have been 10 feet off the ground or more. i remember landing 1 time & the seat slit open & pinched my butt in there.

Marcella said...

Did y'all find the patent yet? I believe this is it.

3,884,501 - "Foot Operated Junior Vehicle"

Go to this link and do a search on the patent number.


(marcmarc2 at yahoo dot com)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Thanks, Marcella!

Was thinking I could make a custom knock-off using two modified bicycle freewheels.