Friday, August 15, 2008

Blessed with a still working Cheetah!

So, I just found your blog about the Cheetah. I still have mine and my 6 yr old absolutely loves it. The seat is beginning to crack but the pedals work great. It’s nice to know there are others who enjoyed it as much as I did. Too bad there’s not a big toy company that will bring them back. Probably some safety issue like the pedals could pinch fingers---back in our day, that was not a big deal. ~Libby


CHV said...

This site is awesome. God bless the Internet.

My brother and I (who grew up in suburban Chicago in the '70s) ranour Cheetah down our long, semi-steep driveway and spun out in the back more times than I could possibly count.

Or at least until one of the plastic wheels wore down, and made our Cheetah un-rideable.

Sad. It was the best toy we ever had.

Thanks for setting up the blog,

CHV said...

Does anyone have a video link of an old Cheetah TV commercial?

tsblue said...

Haven't found any Cheetah commercials (TV or otherwise). That would be great! The closest I've seen is for a "Chopperoo" which was apparently made by Marx Toys...

Anonymous said...

wow, as a cheetah rider you always felt better than all the other kids on there slow bigwheels and green machines, you knew they never had a chance off keeping up with you.It was great.This brings back great memories...PHIL....philadelphia pa..

fortunate_son said...

Blessed with a working Cheetah?? Wow, since you have one, it should be saved / put into the Smithsonian or something! (I'm serious) :)

Please take photos.

Thanks to the author of this blog and everyone who has contributed.

Perhaps someday the "Cheetah's Owner's Club" will resurrect this magical toy.



Marcella said...

Best. Toy. Ever! My sister and I wore ours into the ground, well after the seat fell apart. We had a very long driveway and could really get up to speed then skid out. It was built so low to the ground, I don't remember either of us ever getting hurt on it. The only problem was we had to share it.

I agree, it should be in a museum. Then again, it's hard to deny your child those same great times.

dave said...

i was just reading an article about how all these automakers are making 3-wheelers today, b/c, the writer thought, it must date back to their childhood when the 'Big Wheel' ruled the streets.


oh no they didn't, i thought, i had a Cheetah that kicked everyone in the neighborhood's *sses!

no one could touch me. we would race around the block and i would have to give everyone these head starts and i would still win!

alas, they got tired of losing to me and upgraded to bikes. then i was the one who got tired of losing and begged and received a bike for my first communion. i never rode her again.

man, that was a memory i had totally forgotten about. thank you so much for this great site!!